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Written by Carol Helton   
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 07:59
Robinson Elementary Schoolwide Title I Plan
Elementary School ESOL Program Consolidation

Escuela Primaria Programa ESOL Consolidación

Parent Right to Know 2013-14

RES Parent Involvement Plan 13-14

Derecho a Saber Carta para los Padres 13-14

CCRPI Parent Letter Title I School

CCRPI Carta para los Padres 13-14

CCRPI Parent Letter Non-Title I School

Title I Brochure FY14

Title I – Parent Comment Form

Folleto del Programa Titulo I 13-14


Student Accident Insurance


Student Accident Insurance

Seguro estudiantil de accidente

 School Based Flu Clinic

Parents/Guardians Letter Seeking Advanced Consent for Vaccination

Carta para Padres/Tutores    Para Obtener Consentimiento Adelantado para la Vacunación

Parents/Guardians Newsletter

Boletín Informativo para Padres / Tutores

2013-­‐14 School Based Influenza Vaccine Consent Form

2013-14 Formulario de Consentimiento para Vacunación contra la Influenza en las Escuelas

Flu Vaccine Inactivated 2013-14

Flu Vaccine Live 2013-14

Vacuna contra la gripe inactivada 2013-2014

Vacuna contra la gripe viva, intranasal 2013-2014






2013-2014 Basic Supply List

School Starts Thursday, August 8th

(Revised 7/22/2013)

Parents often ask for ways to assist their child's classroom and/or teacher.  Along with the basic supplies shown below, the following items are especially beneficial to the classroom:  facial tissue, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, antibacterial soap, paper towels, and zip-lock bags (any size).  A donation of these items to the classroom would be greatly appreciated!


1 full-sized backpack (NO WHEELS)

2 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons

1 pack Crayola washable markers

1 Mead Stage 3 Primary Journal (K-2nd Grade @ WalMart)

2 packs of #2 pencils

20 glue sticks

1 Fiskar scissors (blunt tip)

2 two-pocket/three-prong plastic folders

1 full set of extra clothes (labeled with child's name)

First Grade

1 full-sized backpack (NO WHEELS)

10 glue sticks

2 packs of 24 pencils

1 Fiskar scissors (blunt tip)

1 supply box

2 boxes of 24 or more crayons

2 packs washable markers

1 2" binder

1 glue bottle

1 pack of pencil erasers

Second Grade

1 bookbag (NO WHEELS)

1 supply box (small)

2 packs of #2 pencils with erasers

5 glue sticks

2 wireless composition books

2 boxes of 24 pack crayons

1 pair scissors (plastic handle)

4 packs loose-leaf paper (200 ct. wide-ruled)

1 one and one half inch 3-ring binder

2 three-prong folders

2 two-pocket folders

Third Grade

1 bookbag (NO WHEELS)

1 one and one half inch binder (no Trapper Keepers)

1 small school box or pencil pouch

1 box 24 ct. crayons

3 packs of pencils

4 packs of notebook paper (wide-ruled)

1 pair of scissors

2 yellow highlighters

2 red pens

2 packs of glue sticks

colored pencils

3 Marble Compostion books

1 pack cap erasers

2 pocket folders

1 pack subject dividers

Fourth Grade

1 bookbag (NO WHEELS)

4 packs of #2 pencils

1 one and one half inch binder (no Trapper Keepers)

4 packs of notebook paper (wide-ruled)

1 pack red pens

1 box 24 ct. crayons

3 one-subject spiral notebooks

2 packs glue sticks

1 pair of scissors (blunt)

4 two-pocket folders

2 yellow highlighters

1 pack dry erase markers

Fifth Grade

1 bookbag (NO WHEELS)

3 packs #2 pencils

1 one-inch 3 ring binder

2 spiral notebooks

4 packs of notebook paper (wide-ruled)

1 box 8-12 count colored pencils

No child will be penalized for failure to contribute listed items. 

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