Always be alert and focused when in the DANGER ZONE

… the following rules will help ensure a safe and pleasant trip, to and from school, for your child.
1. Arrive at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes before scheduled pick-up time. If the student is not visibly waiting at the stop, the bus will not wait. Alternate transportation will have to be provided.
2. The driver has the authority to assign seats.
3. Do not save seats. Seats are designed to seat three people.
4. Do not use profanity. Profanity will not be tolerated.
5. Do not eat or drink on the bus. Students will not be allowed to bring “breakfast” on the bus.
6. Dress students in a bright color that is easily seen.
7. Parents, please accompany your child to and from the bus stop.
8. Do not bring animals or snakes, glass containers, or balloons or any other objects that could cause harm on the bus. Band equipment, projects etc. must be held in student’s lap-if too big, parents should transport.
9. Make sure someone is available to meet your child when he or she is transported from school at the end of each day. If a student tells the driver that no one is home and is afraid to get off the bus, the student will be returned to school.
10.If your student boards the bus to go home and the bus leaves the school grounds and they were supposed to be a car rider, the bus driver will continue on route and deliver your child home. Students will not be released to personal vehicles at any time other than at home. No student will be released mid-route.
11.A signed note from the parent to the school, stamped by the school will have to be presented to the driver in order for your student to ride home with another student. Otherwise, they will be taken to their normal stop.