Academic Contests

Academic Extracurricular Contests:
Young Georgia Authors’ Competition is a statewide writing competition that elementary school students participate in annually. The purposes of the competition is to encourage students to develop writing that represents their best efforts; provide a context for schools to support and celebrate the writing successes of all students; and to encourage and recognize student achievement in writing throughout Georgia. The system winners at each grade level are recognized at a Dawson County Board of Education Meeting and enter the state competition.

Georgia National “Fair Bear” Creative Writing Contest is a statewide contest that is open to all fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students. The students are provided a prompt that allows them to write creatively. A system winner is determined at each grade level. These students are recognized at a Dawson County Board of Education meeting and enter the state competition.

The Geography Bee is an academic competition that middle school students participate in annually. Students who excel in social studies classes are chosen to participate in the school contest. Sixth through Eighth grade students compete in the school contest.

The Georgia Association of Educator’s National Spelling Bee Competition is held yearly for students in grades four through eight.

The Science Fair is a statewide competition in which middle school students participate. The students design projects around a competition category using the Scientific Method. These projects are judged in the classroom and school levels. The winners are entered in the district competition with the opportunity to continue on to the state level of competition.

The High School Quiz Bowl Teams participate in competitions against teams from throughout north Georgia. The team has a coach who assists the students in academic preparation for the competitions. Students have the opportunity to participate at Junior Varsity and Varsity levels.

Some of the school clubs includes Y-Club, 4-H, FBLA, VOCA, HOSA, FFA, RVI, and TSA also participate in competitions and contests. Please contact the sponsor for additional information.