Teaching & Learning

The vision of the Teaching and Learning Department is to empower leaders and teachers to successfully reach every child where they are and provide them with the tools necessary to achieve their life goals.

The Teaching and Learning Department  SERVES and SUPPORTS school administrators and teachers in making the best choices for students in all schools based on available resources, data, and research.

The department believes students deserve a well-rounded education that includes academic and non-academic skills and strives to graduate college and career ready students who excel in both.

The Teaching and Learning department works to align practices within schools and throughout the district to provide an equitable educational experience and maximize student achievement for all students.

The Teaching and Learning staff exists to SUPPORT the important work happening in classrooms across the school district.

Mrs. Tracey Compton
Director of School Improvement and Accountability

Dr. Janice Darnel
Director of Student Support Services

Mrs. Nicole LeCave
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning