Cognia Accreditation


Dawson County School System is Cognia Accredited!

The quality of a school goes beyond its name, location, or reputation. An education institution succeeds when it supports every learner every day, offering opportunities for every learner to reach further. One hallmark of a good school is that it continually strives for improvement. Like the member institutions we serve, Cognia™ works to innovate and improve. In spring 2021, we completed a research and development cycle that takes place every five years, examining and updating the Cognia Performance Standards to acknowledge changes and set expectations for quality education institutions in a new era. Based on current research in education, input from practitioners, and multiple expert reviews, this cyclical development process assures that the standards at the foundation of our improvement and accreditation strategies continue to be viable, feasible, and relevant to educators in today’s world.

Click here for the Cognia System Accreditation Review.

Why is accreditation important?

Accreditation is your assurance of Dawson County’s academic excellence. Accreditation ensures a standard of quality among credits, courses and grade level placements between schools and universities around the world. It also validates the equivalency of diplomas and certificates to other accredited schools and universities. In addition, students in accredited schools become part of a worldwide network of quality institutions focused on student performance.

What are the benefits of district accreditation?

  • District accreditation is not a standalone process; rather it supports system-wide continuous improvement. Specifically, district accreditation:
  • Enhances a common language of school improvement.
  • Ensures collaboration in planning for improvement.
  • Provides the school system and community with validation and recognition for improvement efforts and recommendations from an external team of professionals.
  • Supports a system-wide approach to achieving results.
  • Integrates and supports other accountability requirements such as those mandated by the state and federal educational agencies.

What are the four Key Characteristics evident when institutions effectively adopt the Cognia Perfomance Standards?
Key Characteristic 1: Culture of Learning
Key Characteristic 2: Leadership for Learning
Key Characteristic 3: Engagement of Learning
Key Characteristic 4: Growth in Learning

More information on the Cognia standards are available for download here:
Cognia Standards



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