P3 Campus

See Something Say Something

As part of Dawson County School District’s commitment to student safety and mental health, we have launched an anonymous reporting program, called P3 Campus, allowing parents, guardians, students and community members to report safety concerns or student wellness issues.

The P3 Campus app can be used to report bullying, suicide concerns, depression, sexting, stealing, threats, butting, abuse, dating and domestic violence, fights, drugs, alcohol, weapons, or other types of dangerous situations that may threaten individual safety or the safety of others.

This resource is readily available to all parents, guardians, and community members through the Dawson County School’s website, www.p3campus.com, or downloadable through Apple or Google Play. We encourage you and your student(s) to use this resource to support our continuous efforts to keep our students, teachers, and staff safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Who receives the reports?
    • Initial reports are received by building administrators and the district safety team.
  • Are reports anonymous?
    • All reports are anonymous unless the reporter identifies him/herself.
  • Can the information be used by the school system to punish the child or teacher?
    • Disciplinary consequences are assigned following the district code of conduct.
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