Transportation FAQ’s

I follow a bus every morning and they are going so slow , what is the speed limit for buses? Regulation EDC-R: Transportation Safety States:

Bus drivers will adhere to the following maximum speed limits for school buses:

1. While transporting students over interstate highways, buses are not to exceed 55 miles per hour.

2. While transporting students on route over state, county, or other secondary roads, buses may run the posted speed limit up to 40 miles per hour.

3. While running empty, buses may observe the posted speed limits, not to exceed 55 mph.

4. While on field trips or express routes, drivers may drive the posted speed limit, not to exceed 55 miles per hour on state, county, or other secondary roads.

Can my child lose his/her bus riding privileges?

Yes. In Georgia, riding a school bus is a privilege and not a right. Each local school district has adopted rules of conduct for waiting at the bus stop and for riding the school bus. If your child does not follow the rules, your child could lose his/her privileges for the entire school year.

What do I do when my student needs to ride a different bus / get off at a different stop?

Any transportation changes should be requested in writing and submitted to the school’s front office. The written note will be returned to the student to be given to the bus driver after approval.

Why is my student’s bus late?

Weather, traffic, driver absenteeism, maintenance difficulties, and unforeseen incidents are responsible for delays in the arrival of school buses in the morning and afternoon.

Drivers check buses before their routes and sometimes find mechanical problems that can cause delays and require driving another bus for that day. This can cause the bus to be off schedule.

Please know that we are doing everything we can to have all buses running on schedule every day. In the event that your bus does not arrive as scheduled, please allow ten to thirty minutes before calling the transportation office or the school.

My child missed the bus. Can I follow the bus and board my child at another stop?

For safety reasons, if your child misses the bus, do not attempt to chase, pass, or block the bus along its route. Any action taken to impede or delay the progress of a school bus is unlawful. When in your car, directly behind a school bus, it is very dangerous for a child to attempt to run from the car along the side of the bus to board. Nationwide, fatalities have occurred where students have fallen in front of the rear wheels of a departing bus after they jumped out of a parent’s car to run up and board the bus.

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