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Adults/staff can still join us for meals at the low price of $2.00 for breakfast and $3.75 for lunch!

Please note that schools try to serve the menus as planned; however, there are times when the menu at any school may change without prior notice due to availability of foods or other circumstances at the individual school.

What are the requirements for a healthy school meal?

The student breakfast meal offers an entrée of whole grains or whole grains and protein source, 4 oz. of 10% juice, additional 1/2 cup service of fruit, and milk.  Based on preferences, students must select 3 of the meal components offered at breakfast.

The student lunch meal offers 5 meal components; an entrée that includes a meat/meat alternate, whole grains, fruit, vegetable, and milk.  The meal is sold as a unit and students must select at least 3 of the meal components from the many choices offered, declining no more than 2 meal components.

Special Dietary Needs Procedure

Comments:  Dawson County Schools will comply with all guidance under 7CFR210.10(g)(1), 7CFR210.10(g)2, 7CFR220.8(d)(1), 7CFR220.8(d)(2), and FNS guidance, Accommodating Students with Special Dietary Needs.

1.  The contact person will be:  School Nurse.  The School Nurse will have parents complete the Medical Statement to Request Accommodations for Disabilities in the School Meal Program.  All special dietary needs will be forwarded to the School Nutrition Manager.

2.  IEP's (504 plans) will be submitted to the school nurse and forwarded to the School Nutrition Manager.  Dietary notes will be attached to the student's meal account.

3.  Request will be written requests.  Request forms will be available with the school nurse.

4.  Medical statements are not required when accommodations can be made within the meal pattern.

5.  The school nurse will review the request and send notifications within 5 days.

6.  Offer vs. Serve will not be used to make an accommodation.

7.  Parents will be notified by the school nurse.

8.  Meal accommodations will be set up to alert for special diets through the Mosaic point of sale.

9.  Dietary accommodations will be reviewed annually.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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